Our current Project car is a ‘Base’ model 2007 GEN 1 2.7 Cayman, we choose this specific model for our test car as we wanted to show that aerodynamics and the correct set up can make a car faster on the track than one with a larger engine with more outright horsepower.

Our car is fitted with a whole host of goodies from the Speedwërx collection, code named the ‘clubsport’ package, these upgrades include the following

  • Speedwërx Front air dam splitter
  • Speedwërx rear diffuser
  • Speedwërx rear duck tail spoiler lip
  • Specifically selected AST adjustable suspensions with corner balancing
  • Semi slick – 100 tread ware tires in a optimised ‘tried and tested’ size combo AR1’S
  • 18’’ lightwieght team dynamics 1.3 wheels in a staggered 9’’ x 10’’ set up 
  • Speedwërx custom throttle peddle spacer
  • Heigo rear rollcage, with integrated harness bar
  • Goodrich braided brake lines
  • Ferodo ds2500
  • Motul RBF 660
  • Deep sump with 996 turbo returns
  • Speedwërx custom brake cooling system

We have many years of race experience and multiple podium finishes in various classes, we are utilising this experience with the sole aim of providing a confidence inspiring handling solution for the Cayman platform’s, for all avid track day enthusiasts and weekend racers.

We have started to take requests on full builds which generally includes everything listed above on our demo car and more, for more information on full CLUBSPORT conversions from ourselves please email [email protected] to arrange an appointment to discuss your needs.