Porsche Cayman 987 gen2 (08-12) REAR DIFFUSER

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Introducing the Speedwërx ‘clubsport’ designed rear diffuser for the Porsche Cayman 987 gen2 08-12, This is an add on splitter for the Cayman. These lightweight rear diffusers are designed to bolt onto your rear bumper and provide a streamline look.

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This is the ‘clubsport’ rear diffuser for the 987 gen1 Cayman, designed and built by SPEED-WERX.CO.UK here in the UK, it is designed to tidy up the rear end of the car but also to allow for better air flow exiting from the rear utilising the ‘clubsport’ 10 fin design, and to reduce the amount of negative pressure build up that the ‘void’ (below the gearbox and exhaust area) prior to the bumper has, by extending the “flat floor” design that all Porsche Cayman’s have. It also adds an aggressive ‘track focused’ look to the rear whilst introducing rear vortex.

As a Motorsport designated item with the potential to change the characteristics of the vehicle, fitting of each item is left to the responsibility of the customer, if unsure on how to fit we do recommend that a professional fit’s this item to ensure it is fitted correctly and safely. All items have designated marking of fitting areas as a guide.

We can ship world wide — please ask for a shipping quote via sales@speed-werx.co.uk

—  Price INCLUDES VAT at 20%  —

‘Clubsport aero’ items are hand made in the UK, come in our black satin finish and are ready to be colour coded to suit your car..

1 review for Porsche Cayman 987 gen2 (08-12) REAR DIFFUSER

  1. Sam Jackson

    Bought one of these as well as their rear spoiler add on, they are made of GRP and are good quality. Took me 30mins to fit the diffuser and about 10mins to fit the spoiler. It comes with instructions which are straight forward to follow. All In all I’m really happy and they look great on the car 🙂

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